A6 Revisions

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One response to “A6 Revisions

  1. Great home page! Much better than the original. I am not sure as to what the arrow at the bottom is supposed to point to. Without knowing what it does, I feel like the BUY and SELL links draw attention much more heavily than that bottom arrow, and I’m beginning to wonder if that element isn’t redundant.

    The about page is also well-done. Nice graphics. Might want to add a bit more space between the page title and the graphics might help.

    I noticed that the spacing of the page title in the About and Arrivals pages is slightly different. I think the spacing in the Arrivals page in particular could use a little adjusting – I think more vertical space between elements would work well. I also noticed that some of your pictures aren’t the same dimensions. Have you tried either cropping them or filling them to a mask? Have you experimented with a little more color on the Arrivals page? I find it comes off a bit bare compared to the other pages. Perhaps a green outline on a selection or something.

    I don’t see any evidence of interaction, except possibly the arrow on the home page, which again seems unnecessary given the rest of the home page’s content.


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