Construction Junction Design Review

Client Name: Construction Junction

Client URL:


  1. PAIN POINT: Unappealing design
    1. CAUSES
      1. Too much text clashing with advertisements
      2. Inconsistent typeface (color and size)
      3. Irrelevant text
      1. Stronger grid system
      2. Consistent color theme and type
  2. PAIN POINT: Difficult to distinguish call to action
    1. CAUSES
      1. Main page has too much information to distinguish and navigate the hierarchy
      1. Like before, create a stronger grid and hierarchy
      2. Bigger images and buttons at the top
  3. PAIN POINT: Not easy to navigate to find elements
    1. CAUSES
      1. Again, poor grid system
      1. Improve grid
      2. Get rid of lackluster style

Roommate’s reactions

  • Feels old
  • Color choice is annoying
  • Dated style and organization


I would give this website a 2. The design is very outdated, hard to navigate, so it’s initially very difficult to figure out what you’re supposed to do. The hierarchy is a little frustrating, so the organization worsens this entire effect.


There are repeated elements from page to page, which kind of does help the user experience, but this is all flustered by the irrelevant advertisements and blobs of text. The only element repeated that really does help is the navigation / menu bar on the top. But, there are too many options in the menu, so it doesn’t help immediately.


The homepage is basically a collection of randomly placed bodies of text and images. It takes a while before a user can distinguish how the page is actually organized. Most of the time, the important information isn’t in a convenient place, so you’d have to scroll to unexpected locations to find what you’re looking for.


Even though it’s kind of weak, the navigation bar is probably the strongest element in this entire website. There are too many elements, so it could be redesigned easily to be more user-friendly — so users can more easily find what they’re trying to do.


Text is the website’s most prominent feature. It’s thrown around everywhere, and its organization makes it very difficult to focus on one thing at a time.


The company includes a lot of logo and images to help promote their message, such as “Just Reuse It”. While these images are all in good intention, I think it hinders from the overall experience because it doesn’t stand out among everything else in the website.


The website is pretty much defined by the varying use of green. There are beige hues, which help bolster the company’s motive of helping reuse old materials. But, it still adds to the congested feeling with all the clashing text, images, and color.

Similar Websites

This website basically has the same intention as Construction Junction — reusing and reclaiming old building materials. The call to action and hierarchy is much clearer, making the user experience a lot more friendly. It’s very easy for the audience to buy, trade, or sell exactly what they want to. Everything is is partitioned in a good way, and the organization makes the website significantly easier to navigate.

Design Direction

Very clean user interface. Hierarchy organizes elements very well, so it’s easy to navigate.

This website implements the idea of a single scroll, while still maintaining a strong hierarchy. Each section in this website is organized very cleanly, so it’s a consistent and appealing layout. The color scheme and typeface also goes very well together.

This website also implements the single scroll. There is a clear call to action, flowing very nicely into all the sub-pages below. Each section uses a minimalist design with strong use of type and color, making it very appealing.


Here are some screenshots for early brainstorming:



One response to “Construction Junction Design Review

  1. Nice work. Your blunt review was pretty funny. I’m glad you found a similar cause websites, but keep in mind how you’re going to make this website feel unique to Construction Junction and not just a template.


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