Visual Book Draft

Here’s an early iteration of the visual book project for peer review:

Book Draft


2 responses to “Visual Book Draft

  1. I really like your title page; good combination of photo and color. It’s easy to understand the purpose of the cookbook from your title. The colors for dividing up your table of contents is effective. The blue feels a little out of place based on the orange title, but after viewing the rest of your book, it fits in just fine. I like the table of contents and page numbers. Really great photographs, but I wish the sources were compiled at the end on a credits page to minimize the distraction. If possible, I would include the cost of making each dish (in money and time) and serving size (for one person? two? group?). The meat illustration looks off since you can’t see the bone; maybe try a steak image. The spinach parmesan skillet chicken title is off (with the line). I would try to include something fun on the back page. Also, I’m curious how you’ll bind this. Want to make it easy for the recipe to stay open while cooking so people don’t have to keep flipping to the page.


  2. I like your color scheme and layout–it’s simple and minimalist, yet bright and interesting. The first thing I notice on your cover page, and most of the images however, is the source. I wonder if there is a better place to put them, maybe on the last page since it is blank as of now? I like the idea of a color block within your table of contents but I think it’s not immediately apparent that it’s a categorizing system. Maybe try individual colored dots (like bullet points) next to the corresponding recipes. Also, this may be due to how it was saved into a PDF (or maybe how i opened it) but it seems that the bottom and top borders are significantly thicker than the side borders. It also looks like none of the recipes take up the entirety of the rectangular page. Have you played around with different page sizes and shapes? (Square?) Otherwise, great work and I like the images you selected! The neatness and cleanliness makes your cookbook simple and easy to read.


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