Idiom Exercise


This was a preparation typography exercise for the upcoming poster project. The main goal was to select an idiom and illustrate a meaning of the phrase.

For the first phrase, I used a literal application of the idiom in order to project a deeper meaning. Most people when hearing the phrase “toss-up” think of a coin flip, which is what I illustrated with the moved “o”. I also left the coin up in the air so the outcome is unknown.

For the second phrase, I tried to implement a literal definition of the idiom. The phrase is known to signify an unimportant amount. So, I chopped a portion off the letter “p” that paralleled this interpretation.


One response to “Idiom Exercise

  1. Nice explorations! Using the ‘u’ as a bucket was great. The drop in the bucket one makes my brain think of all the ways you could play with it. What if you just put the whole word in the “u”?


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