Avenir – An Overview

Introduced in 1988 by Adrian Frutiger, Avenir is a geometric sans-serif typeface. Frutiger designed this font after years of having interest in the linear sans movement of the twentieth century, getting inspiration from other typefaces such as Erbar and Futura.

In French, “avenir” stands for future, which hints at the interpretation of the font and its roots in Futura. Unlike its predecessors, Avenir features letters that are not purely geometric. The font presents a simple yet effective appearance in text through its stroke thicknesses, imperfect circles, and shortened ascenders. Frutiger was said to have put a piece of his personality in this font. In interviews, he was quoted to have had human nature in mind as he drafted each character; all these qualities together exhibit the free and futuristic feel to this font.  The geometric overtones, the added bit of organic personality, both factors illustrate how Frutiger used the font to reinvent the sans serif designs from the 20th century to juxtapose the upcoming aesthetics in the 21st century.





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