Typographic Voice

Typographic Voice-01

Rockwell Extra Bold

This font was a terrible choice in trying to illustrate the meaning of organic. The boldness and thickness of each letter with the combination of rectangular elements give a strong sense of stability and strength. It’s a very imposing font, rendering it to be very inappropriate for organic.

Typographic Voice-02


The fact that this font has curved elements and a slight cursive nature portrays organic not in the usual sense. The contrast and structure of each letter presents organic in a more refined manner.

Typographic Voice-03

Microsoft Yi Baiti

This font has a very Sans Serif quality. In combination with the vertical characteristic of every element in each letter and the high contrast, the word gets a very direct and straightforward meaning without being dominant.

Typographic Voice-04


Out of all the fonts, Papyrus probably works the best to convey the meaning of organic. It’s the most common typeface seen in branding of organic products. The texture on each letter and curved elements give the word as a whole a very natural yet gentle feel.

Typographic Voice-05

Edwardian Script ITC

Similar to Harrington, the cursive nature of this word gives the word an elegant and proper feel. Each element flows into the next with high contrast, further contributing to the natural feel for this script.


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