Identifying Communication Design

Effective Design


The above image depicts a few screenshots from the recently released zero-commission, stock-trading mobile application Robinhood. From first look at these fragments, the app displays transaction orders in a very minimalist, modern, and fluid way. The fonts, the color contrast between text and background, the focus contrast with blurred backgrounds, all of these factors combine to present the information about orders and transfers to traders in a simple, yet very effective way. So overall, Robinhood features a clean interface combined with great functionality, proving to be an extremely effective design.

Ineffective Design

This screenshot is from the mobile application of Barron’s, an American newspaper publishing company. Based simply on intent and purpose, any electronic version of print should present text in a very clean, simple, and readable way. The Barron’s application achieves none of these factors, disabling readers from going through writings easily or quickly. Less than half of the screen actually displays relevant text to the article. Granted, mobile apps require room for action and navigation bars, but most of the screen features advertisements and irrelevant prompts to the article. In combination, the application has neither a user-friendly experience nor interface, rendering it to be an ineffective design.



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